Just as if they were arranged in a personal boutique, your objects and garments must be enhanced and exhibited with elegance and order. The glass doors, defined by a Gunmetal Grey or metalized brown frame, set off and add a finishing touch to arrangements. The visible interior accessories show off their great ability to efficiently organize spaces with style. The hinged doors come with special pivot hinges that can open at a 180° angle.

Designed to fit your Style

Every closet is custom-designed to fit your needs and budget. We take all of your storage and organization needs into account when designing the perfect closet to maximize your space. Use the tool below to see pricing examples for different spaces.

Custom Built-In Luxury

After a personal consultation to determine your exact needs, we build your custom closet from the floor up, complete with Back Panels and decorative floor trim. Choose from a wide variety of options to create a truly luxurious built-in closet that reflects your style.