Petra (name derived from the famous archaeological site in Jordan- 7th wonder)
This kitchen has an oriental taste. Dark wood veneers colors and exotic stones embody the monumental aspects of the ancient cuisine. It represents the warmness of the desert coming into your house and creating a romantic and stunning environment. 

Category: Kitchens

This kitchen has a distinct oriental aesthetic offering a sense of Innate Serenity and creating the Perfect Balance typical in all quality Asian Design. Its name was inspired by the 7th Wonder of the World located at the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. It was largely unknown to much of the world before 1989 when the blockbuster film Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade was released. The film set many scenes in the ancient City of Petra and ultimately inspired our design.

The Petra Kitchen uses the classic elements of Asian Design to craft a smart and stylish kitchen space and utilizes all key components of the traditional lifestyle of the region. The Petra features natural materials, textures, finishes, colors and styles combining the finest hand selected exotic wood veneers, colors and exotic stones to embody the historic aspects of this ancient décor which brings the warmth of the desert into your home to create a romantic and spectacular environment.

Or course, there are two sides to every kitchen. So far, we have detailed the aesthetic choices; the materials, textures, colors and styles that turn a routine kitchen design into a spectacular component of your home. The other side however is quite often overlooked and can either make or break the heart of the home. Our design elements for The Petra are combined with exquisite, innovative, state-of-the-art custom cabinetry, featuring top of the market stainless steel open shelving incorporated by Blum in its finest new Legrabox Metal Drawer System.