His & Hers Closet Design Tips

KITCHEN & CLOSET DESIGN Custom closets are a fun way to personalize some areas of your home. They allow a lot of room for creativity and customized organization. Everyone has their own way of organizing their belongings and a custom closet gives you the opportunity to put everything exactly where you want it.

Many homes in Miami, are very large giving extra space for creativity. We want to help! Building a custom closet isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of variables to take into consideration that you probably haven’t thought of – like the size of your clothes for example. Here are a few design tips to keep in mind for your custom closet.


This may seem like an obvious first step but it shouldn’t be over looked. As with any project, you need to know what you’re working with. Measuring the space will give you a road map to your design and save you from problems later in the design process. Your vision of a dream closet may need more space than you have and you don’t want to find that out half way through designing it.


This is a very important step. You need to make sure everything you have is going to fit into your space. Before you measure, make sure everything is divided into where you plan to put it in your new closets. For example, if you have piles that you plan to put on a shelf – how big are those piles? How tall? How wide?

Knowing these details will help you stay extra organized and makes the process go a lot smoother. And at KITCHEN & CLOSET DESIGN we are here to help you through your whole experience.


Now the fun part – start planning your design. Use your measurements to plan and coordinate all your belongings to fit perfectly where you want them. We make sure you consider every detail. Every item you plan to put into your new closet matters not just to you but us as well – clothes, jewelry, belts, ties, other accessories, bags, shoes, towels, and even hangers. Here are a few things we like you yo think about when mapping your design:

  • How many shelves do you want and where do they go? What is being placed on them?

  • How many hanging bars will you have? Are they short hangs or long hangs? Have you considered how far from the ground they are?

  • How long are your hanging bars? If they’re more than 3.5 feet, don’t forget to think about dividers to hold up additional weight.

  • How will you organize accessories? Where are you putting jewelry, bags, ties and belts?

  • What are you doing with your shoes? A shoe rank? Baskets? Just placing the on the floor? Where are they going? Will they stay organized?

  • Is there a storage area in your closet? What are you putting there? Towels? Seasonal items?

Every single detail matters to us when we start crafting your one of a kind KITCHEN & CLOSET DESIGN custom Italian inspired closet. Do your best to remember every item that is going back into your closet. It will help keep you organized as well as design the perfect closet for your life style.

Building and designing custom Italian closets in Miami can be a big job. There are many details to think about. With our help, you can get your dream closet in no time. KITCHEN & CLOSET DESIGN's experience is endless and we are loyal to our customers. Your ideal closet is what you get with us. A design consultation is always free so give us a call to learn more.