How Big Is Your Bathroom?

Don’t know where to hang a towel or keep nail lacquers and creams? Find out how to create a bathroom where everything is in its place!

With KITCHEN & CLOSET DESIGN you won’t just have mere bathroom furniture collections; you’ll have complete rooms, where the quality and specialization of the accessories we have perfected our way of acquired fundamental importance in customizing the bathroom to its user’s needs.

Exclusive internal partitions for drawers and baskets, new totally concealed mounting fixtures for wall and open-fronted units, wall-mounted accessories, new-concept shower enclosures and bathtubs, washbasins of original design, customized plug covers, tap fittings that can be set for just the right amount of water, stylish lights...everything designed to create a comfortable, elegant bathroom. Everything you'll need to feel relaxed in your custom affordable space with KITCHEN & CLOSET DESIGN.

Italian Modern Bathroom