A sophisticated kitchen with a cosmopolitan feel, distinguished by all-Italian DNA


Category: Kitchens

The Transitional Kitchen is the embodiment of sleek and contemporary Italian craftsmanship and occupies a design space between classic and modern. Here you will find the clean lines and sleek profiles of the craftsman style which blends the elegance of the traditional with the sleek, modern style of the contemporary, thus creating a classic kitchen. It is truly a timeless style for any home.

The Transitional Kitchen is all about achieving the perfect balance created when such elements as traditional shaker doors mix with modern flat cabinet surfaces, fostering a true fusion of the best of both design styles. And with this kitchen the ends of cabinets are never just the end. You will choose from endless options with virtually unlimited details creating a truly unique visual appeal.

In the Transitional Kitchen, metal, glass and mirror combine to create a custom atmosphere all its own for that personalized final touch and this kitchen offers our distinctively designed custom Kitchen Islands which combine form and function in a unique way to provide storage and utility while enabling your family and guests to “gather around the table” facing each other as you would in your more formal dining room. The Transitional Kitchen helps us bring together our diverse lifestyles and create new, soon to be cherished memories